How Did I Get Here?

That person staring back at me from the mirror–with wrinkles beginning to appear on her face and sprinkles of grey beginning to show in her hair–who is she? Could she possibly be the person who just minutes ago was studying to get her degree? The one who just moments before that was walking around the mall with her friends, then rushing to get home before curfew? The same girl–who just seconds before–got off the school bus holding her big brother’s hand?

Now, she watches her son as he gets off the bus, holding his big brother’s hand. And in just a few moments–life has proven that it really won’t be much longer than that–she will be watching as they place her grandchild in his father’s arms.

We have so many lives to live in such a few moments. Our hope as parents will continue to be that we raised them as best as we could, that we instilled in them the values and morals they need to be good, honest, caring, kind people.


What do you think?

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