A Time For Everything

During the school year, our days are pretty much set in a certain routine: we get up at a certain time, the kids catch the bus, they come home, do homework, have dinner, get some play/tv time, then bedtime. Although getting them up in the morning can be challenging, I have renamed bedtime…it’s now ‘time to torture mom.’

Getting ready for bed should take them no longer than half an hour. And although, technically, they are in bed when they should be…the torture comes next. They get up out of their beds maybe twenty times over the next hour. “I want a drink.” “I’m still hungry.” “Mom, I forgot to tell you….” “Mom, today in school….” “Mom, check out this game….”

And every time they get up, every time they call, I tell them the same thing: “There’s a time for every thing…now is not (fill in the blank) time, now is bedtime. Get to bed.”

Seems rational enough.

But when you catch yourself saying, “It’s not time to poop!” then you know your sanity is in question.


What do you think?

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