Don’t Say Yes to the Chatter

When she was just a baby, my 3 year old had the LOUDEST cry. My dad’s nickname for her was ‘the horn’ because that’s how loud she was. Now she’s evolved from ‘the horn’ to ‘the chatterbox.’ The kid does not stop talking from the moment she wakes up, to the second she falls asleep! If she can’t find anyone to talk to, she just talks to herself. I don’t know if it’s a girl thing, or a genetic thing (I’ve been told that as a child I could out-talk anyone, even before I could talk)…but that’s where we are. Sometimes..who am I kidding…most of the times, I just tune her out; I just nod, or give her an ‘uh-huh.’ But she doesn’t like when I do that; she’ll say, “Say yes.” But a little anecdote about my nephew always pops into my head then, and I stop myself from just saying ‘yes.’

My brother’s youngest was talking to him one day while my brother was busy fixing something. He was focused on what he was doing, but that didn’t stop my nephew from chit-chatting away. A few minutes later, my brother, hearing some question and running on auto-pilot, says, “Sure, buddy.” When his son ran off victoriously yelling “YES!!” he stopped what he was doing and did a double take: “What did I just agree to?” Replaying the scene in his mind, he vaguely remembers his son asking something like, “So instead of a dog, can I get a cheetah?”

The lesson here: never say ‘yes’ just to get your kids to stop talking! If you do, you’ll probably be agreeing to get a cheetah!



Do You Have the Authority?!?

Due to his line of work, my husband is away for about two or three weeks at a time, then he spends 5 or 6 days with us. It’s hard having him away so much, both on myself and the kids, but we try to make the most of the time we have together. And the kids have basically gotten used to the idea that I do everything: I’m the one who sets the rules, I’m the disciplinarian, I’m the cook, the maid, the butt washer…you know how it goes. But the kids also understand that when he’s home, his word is as solid as mine.

Or at least I thought they understood that….

On one of his recent times home, he said something like, “Now go get ready for bed. Get in your Pj’s and wash up, then you can spend a few minutes watching TV.” So they all start down the hall way. Just then my three year old shrugs her shoulders and says, “Did mom say so??”

I was laughing too hard to tell her that her father had the authority to give her that kind of permission.