How Many Pay-Checks Do You Deserve?

I recently made a resolution to read the classic novels, and I decided to start with “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Along with all the colorful characters, the novel describes the standard of life for a range of people in nineteen century England. You get a glimpse of the poor, the middle class, and the rich. The middle-class lived in good sized homes, and they had at least one housekeeper. The rich had huge mansions….and in those mansions they employed many servants.

And as I was reading, I’m thinking to myself, “If I had lived back then, I would have been the richest servant ever!”

Why? you ask. Because in my own home, I do it all.

I’m the housekeeper: I do the laundry, set the table, etc.

I’m the maid: I’m the one who does the cleaning.

I’m the cook: I set the menu and make the food.

I’m the nanny: I take care of the kids.

I’m the governess: I help with homework and explain lessons they don’t understand.

That’s five paychecks I should be getting! Now if only I could find a respectable family….



What do you think?

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