No More Money For You!

A couple of times a week, usually when we run out of milk and eggs, I send my oldest to buy some things from the market nearby. He’s happy to do it; it gets him out of the house for a few extra minutes, and it lets him feel like a grown up, like I can depend on him.

Last week, we needed bread, but I didn’t have any small bills and I knew the bakery wouldn’t have change. “I have money. You can pay me back when you get change,” my responsible son says to me. What a good little boy!

He ended up buying the bread and some other items, so I owed him 15 pounds.

When I finally got change, I handed him the 15 pounds. As he takes it he says, “But you owe me 20…not 15, mom.”

I could tell that he was serious and not just trying to squeeze more money from me, so I asked him what the extra 5 pounds were for. “I don’t remember…but I’m SURE it was 20.”

We thought together for a while, but we couldn’t come up with it, so I reassured him it was only 15.

He turns his head away and in all seriousness says to me, “I’m not lending you money ever again.”

Can you believe that clown!

(For the record, he remembered what the 5 pounds were for and I did pay him back. But  still…what a punk!)


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