Motherhood Amnesia

We’ve all experienced it; something happens to our brains as we enter motherhood. We become more forgetful, our cognitive skills diminish, and basically…we just become less intelligent. I don’t know why or how this happens, but it is a commonly recognized phenomenon, and many of us can relate to it. 

My cousin, who is a relatively new mom, often asks me child related questions. Given that I’ve been a mom for 11 years, and four times over, she figures I should have at least some answers.  And while I help her out sometimes, more often than not my answer is, “Ummm…I don’t remember exactly.”  Of course, she looks at me like I have five heads and says, “You’ve done this four times, and you can’t remember??” So I try to save the few shreds of dignity that motherhood has graciously allowed me to keep, and come up with a semi-intelligent answer.

But although most of the time I hate the extent of deterioration of my mental state, I have recently found that there is a positive….

My three year old asked me today, “Mom, do you remember when I threw up all over the couch?”

I thought for a minute…..


My five year old was standing beside her, so he chimed in: “Do you remember when I peed all over the bed?”

Again…I thought for a minute…..

And again, a very happy NOPE.

Ahhhh…This is what they mean when they say ‘ignorance is bliss.’


What do you think?

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