Sir! Yes, sir!

The chemistry between my kids always cracks me up. When they get along, it’s like a carnival and everyone’s laughing. And when they fight, it’s chaos!! But the funniest thing about them, is the way the three younger ones look up to their older brother.

The other day he gets home from school. He says to his 5 year old brother, “Take my bag into my room.”

Now, in order for you to fully appreciate the situation, you have to know that my 5 year old is basically a matchstick child. You know…when you need to draw a person quickly, (or for those of us who can’t draw, whenever we draw a person) you make a circle for the head, a long line for the torso, and four other lines for the appendages. Well, that’s my five year old. And my oldest’s bag weighs probably 3 times as much as him.

But despite all of that, when my 11 year old gave out the order for his bag to be taken into his room, my 5 year old didn’t even hesitate for a second. He just grabbed the bag with two hands, and dragged it along.

“KID! Take your own bag into your room! Don’t order your siblings around like that!” That’s me…that’s what I said. But it was my 5 year who replied, “No…I got it mama.”

I look up at my 11 year old in disbelief. With a smirk on his face, this is what he says to me, ” Wouldn’t you like it if they obeyed you like they obey me!”



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