All in a Week’s Work

Just some things my kids have heard me say this week (and probably every week):

“Get down from the chandelier!”

“Why are ALL the lights on in the apartment?”

“If it doesn’t go down the first time…FLUSH AGAIN!”

“Don’t touch me! What is that on your hands???!!”

“Don’t chase your brother around with a knife in your hands!”

“No, you can not jump from the top bunk to see if you can fly.”

“The kitchen is CLOSED! I don’t care if you’re hungry…you should have thought of that ANYTIME OVER THE PAST HOUR WHILE I WAS STANDING IN THE KITCHEN ASKING IF YOU WANTED TO EAT ANYTHING!!!”

“Stop pulling your brother’s pants down.”

And my all time favorite…the one I can’t go even one day without saying (at the top of my lungs):



What do you think?

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