I Grew!!

When my oldest was about 4 years old and I was pregnant with number 2, I remember telling him, “Soon you’ll have a little brother to play with. You guys are going to have so much fun together.”

Shortly after he was born, my oldest asked when the little baby would grow up so they could play together. So I said, as Egyptians tend to do when they mean something will happen soon, “Tomorrow.”

And it didn’t really occur to me how he would take it until I saw his face light up, eyes growing wide. “Tomorrow, tomorrow??!!”

As much as I didn’t want to crush his enthusiasm, I also didn’t want to lie to the kid. I could just picture it: he’d go to bed, too excited to sleep, thinking that in just a few short hours he’d finally have a playmate. Then, when the sun finally lit the morning sky, he’d jump out of bed and run to his brother’s side to discover..(drum roll, please)..that he was still the same little lump of mush that he’d been the day before. I just couldn’t give him that false hope, knowing full well the state of devastation he’d be in in the morning.

“No…not tomorrow, tomorrow. But soon, God willing. Sooner than you know he’ll grow up and you’ll be best friends.”

Now, as life is as it is, and time continually proves herself to be unmerciful, tomorrow has of course come. It came a while ago, and now numbers 3 and 4 join in the fun as well.

These days it’s number 3 that keeps looking forward to tomorrow. Something you need to know about him…he looks like this:

stickfigureThat’s basically how skinny he is….I’ d say skinnier, actually. I often tell him that I wish life were like the cartoons so I could stick the end of a manual air pump in his mouth and pump until he gets fatter. But as that is not an option, we keep telling him he has to eat so he can grow big and strong. Now, after every meal, he hands me his empty plate and says, “I’ve finished all my food. I grew. See.” Then he proceeds to jump up and down (like the frog I often mistake him to be) to prove that he’s a little taller for having eaten all his food.

Alright, time…do your thing. Waiting for the tomorrow when he starts to look more like:

Only with hair.



About a month ago, I finally gave in and joined Facebook. For some unknown reason, my eleven year old kept whining, “What’s your password? What’s your password?”

“Kid, I’m not telling you.”

“Come on! You know mine…tell me yours!”

“You’re the kid…I have to know yours. You do NOT have to know mine. Why do you even want to know? Why’s it so important?”

“I don’t know…I just want to know. Come on…tell me.”

But I didn’t. I still don’t get why he wanted to know, but I didn’t tell him.

So he says, very adamantly, “Fine! I’m going to hack into your account, change the password, and you won’t be able to sign back in.”

And he proceeded to google “how to hack.” At this point I just burst out laughing, and said, “Go for it kid! You hack away!”

So that was about a month ago. And I sort of thought he’d given up…but then yesterday….

I ask him to hand me my cell phone–which I ALWAYS keep locked. And he does hand it to me, only before he does, he unlocks it.

“What? What did you just do? How did you figure out my password?”

He smiles at me slyly, shakes his head in a  ‘Parents these days are so naive’ kind of way and says, “I hacked into your phone.”

Somehow he discovered that my phone (and a bunch of other phone brands, too) have some sort of ‘universal password’ which unlocks any phone of that type.

So beware people…not only must you be weary of those skillful, experienced hackers that live way far away in cyber-world, but you also have to fear the new, eager-to-learn hackers living right in your own home!

A Simple Apology

I was LIVID!! Smoke was starting to come out of my ears!! I mean, how often do I even see him during the whole month? And here he was, on the phone with a friend…for TWO WHOLE HOURS!! I didn’t care if he was helping this guy with an issue he was having with his fiancee!! Two hours was just too much to take!

And I wasn’t going to let it go.  As soon as he hangs up, I told myself, I’m gonna let him have it! He never gets it when I tell him he spends too much time on the phone, so this was not going to be pretty.

Finally, he hung up. And walked over to me. When he was about 6 or 7 feet away, he says–repeatedly as he continues to walk–“I’m  sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

And somehow…magically…that was all it took to put out my anger.

Sometimes a simple apology makes the biggest difference.



What Goes Around…

We’ve all heard that saying, “What goes around, comes around.” Usually it’s in reference to negative energy, but it can include good deeds as well–sort of like ‘paying it forward.’ Well, this is a strong belief in Islam, especially with regards to giving charity. Many verses in the Qur’an, and many sayings of Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him), encourage us to help others, stating even that when we give in charity, it will be returned to us many times over. To give you just one, brief example, verse 18 in chapter 57 of the Qu’ran states, “Indeed, the men who practice charity and the women who practice charity and [they who] have loaned Allah a goodly loan – it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a noble reward.”

I believe this…I’ve always believed that when you put out goodness, it will only come back to reward you. But this month it actually happened right before my eyes…

One of the doormen in my apartment building was telling me that he doesn’t have enough money to buy the medicine he needs. I usually don’t hesitate to help him out, but this month I knew that my family’s financial state would be tight. We had obligations this month that made me worry if we would even make it to the end of the month. For a minute I considered not helping the doorman. I considered it, then I decided I had an obligation to help him, because even though it would be tight for us, we had it much better than he did.

A few days later, one of the former doormen also showed up, asking for money. Again, I hesitated. It was going to be really tight if I helped him. Really tight. But again, I decided that I had to.

And I just prayed that somehow we would make it to the end of the month. Then it happened…

About ten days later, my husband, who is away often because of his line of work, came home and handed me his bonus. A bonus he got which we had not planned on nor had we expected. A bonus which was more than 12 times the amount I had given to those two doormen–more than twelve times as much!! All I can do is praise and thank God.

I don’t expect this one event to change hearts, but for those who are still searching, it certainly gives you something to think about.