About a month ago, I finally gave in and joined Facebook. For some unknown reason, my eleven year old kept whining, “What’s your password? What’s your password?”

“Kid, I’m not telling you.”

“Come on! You know mine…tell me yours!”

“You’re the kid…I have to know yours. You do NOT have to know mine. Why do you even want to know? Why’s it so important?”

“I don’t know…I just want to know. Come on…tell me.”

But I didn’t. I still don’t get why he wanted to know, but I didn’t tell him.

So he says, very adamantly, “Fine! I’m going to hack into your account, change the password, and you won’t be able to sign back in.”

And he proceeded to google “how to hack.” At this point I just burst out laughing, and said, “Go for it kid! You hack away!”

So that was about a month ago. And I sort of thought he’d given up…but then yesterday….

I ask him to hand me my cell phone–which I ALWAYS keep locked. And he does hand it to me, only before he does, he unlocks it.

“What? What did you just do? How did you figure out my password?”

He smiles at me slyly, shakes his head in a  ‘Parents these days are so naive’ kind of way and says, “I hacked into your phone.”

Somehow he discovered that my phone (and a bunch of other phone brands, too) have some sort of ‘universal password’ which unlocks any phone of that type.

So beware people…not only must you be weary of those skillful, experienced hackers that live way far away in cyber-world, but you also have to fear the new, eager-to-learn hackers living right in your own home!


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