I Grew!!

When my oldest was about 4 years old and I was pregnant with number 2, I remember telling him, “Soon you’ll have a little brother to play with. You guys are going to have so much fun together.”

Shortly after he was born, my oldest asked when the little baby would grow up so they could play together. So I said, as Egyptians tend to do when they mean something will happen soon, “Tomorrow.”

And it didn’t really occur to me how he would take it until I saw his face light up, eyes growing wide. “Tomorrow, tomorrow??!!”

As much as I didn’t want to crush his enthusiasm, I also didn’t want to lie to the kid. I could just picture it: he’d go to bed, too excited to sleep, thinking that in just a few short hours he’d finally have a playmate. Then, when the sun finally lit the morning sky, he’d jump out of bed and run to his brother’s side to discover..(drum roll, please)..that he was still the same little lump of mush that he’d been the day before. I just couldn’t give him that false hope, knowing full well the state of devastation he’d be in in the morning.

“No…not tomorrow, tomorrow. But soon, God willing. Sooner than you know he’ll grow up and you’ll be best friends.”

Now, as life is as it is, and time continually proves herself to be unmerciful, tomorrow has of course come. It came a while ago, and now numbers 3 and 4 join in the fun as well.

These days it’s number 3 that keeps looking forward to tomorrow. Something you need to know about him…he looks like this:

stickfigureThat’s basically how skinny he is….I’ d say skinnier, actually. I often tell him that I wish life were like the cartoons so I could stick the end of a manual air pump in his mouth and pump until he gets fatter. But as that is not an option, we keep telling him he has to eat so he can grow big and strong. Now, after every meal, he hands me his empty plate and says, “I’ve finished all my food. I grew. See.” Then he proceeds to jump up and down (like the frog I often mistake him to be) to prove that he’s a little taller for having eaten all his food.

Alright, time…do your thing. Waiting for the tomorrow when he starts to look more like:

Only with hair.


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