If You Do This, We’re Just Going To Hate You!

Seeing how much time my kids spend in front of the TV has been depressing me. I hate that they don’t play together as much, they don’t read, they don’t write or draw. I decided I had to do something drastic. This whole ‘limiting’ TV time was just not working, because there was always…”Oh, just until the commercial.” Or, “Can’t we just watch this to the end? It’s almost over!” Or my personal favorite, “But we’ve never seen this before…we HAVE to watch it!” Now, where you live, there may be educational/beneficial shows on. I guess, technically where I live there may be, too, but I’ve never come across them! TV can be the devil, so I had to stop him from influencing my kids anymore.

Last Tuesday I announced, “From tomorrow…no more TV at all. Maybe for one hour on the weekend…maybe. But NONE all week.”

It didn’t really phase the younger three; I’m not sure if maybe they didn’t believe me, or they didn’t fully grasp what I was saying, or what…but they were fine. It was my oldest who couldn’t believe his ears. He started BEGGING me to take it back. “You can’t do that, mom!! You can’t do that. What about this…just one hour a night? Let us watch just one hour a night.”

I explained that one hour always turned into three or four, so “No, no TV at all. I’m not negotiating this, so save your breath. And TV isn’t important, anyway, kid.”


He was crying…I mean…BAWLING HIS EYES OUT!! Imagine how someone might react if you told them that tomorrow you were going to cut off one of their limbs…that’s how badly he was taking it. And it went on like this for probably two hours…him begging/crying/hoping I would change my mind, and me saying, “No…No more means no more. That’s it.” At one point he says to me, “If you do this, we’re just going to hate you!”

“So hate me, then.”

To be honest, I expected the whining and begging to go on for days. But it didn’t, Praise God. The next day, everyone basically obeyed. They had moments of forgetfulness, when someone would turn it on, but the culprit would turn it right off upon being reminded of the new rule.

And, Praise God, it’s been a week now…no TV at all. The best part was yesterday, when my oldest said to me, “You know mom, TV really isn’t important.”

Praise God. One small victory in my motherhood journey.


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