So Put Your Slippers On!

I had just swept the floor of the dining area and living room, and everything was neat and in its place.

“Mom, can I have some cookies?” Number 2 asked.

“Fine, just use a plate.”

The younger two were playing in the bedroom, and the older two were sitting at the dining room table–or rather, in the vicinity of the dining room table, which includes the living room–doing their homework. Everything seemed to be under control, so I went into the kitchen for a few minutes to continue tidying.

When I came back out to check that they were still focused and getting things done, I heard, “Crunch…crunch…crunch” with every step I took and felt the pieces turning to millions of minuscule crumbs!

“Why is it that I can feel the crumbs under my feet?!” I shouted at him.

“So put your slippers on…you won’t feel ’em then.”



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