Do You Know

Number 3 is in kindergarten. And, Praise God, despite the fact that he was born almost three months prematurely and experienced a significant amount of time where little oxygen was reaching his brain, he’s doing well in school. He comes home happy, excitedly opens his bag, pulls out his homework and just gets started. Unlike Numbers 1 and 2, he doesn’t even need me to tell him which pages to do; he figures out the pages he has to work on by flipping through the books and finding the last pages which his teacher has marked. I have hope that, God willing, he’ll be the one to NOT drive me crazy when it comes to school. I have hope that, God willing, he’ll keep up with getting done all he needs to get done, knowing that after that, he can just play.

He’s still learning the alphabet, letter by letter. They haven’t quite studied all of the letters yet. So the other day he says to me, “Mom, do YOU know all the letters?”

I’m still trying to figure out why he was SOOOOOO shocked when I said, “Yes.”  I felt like he was going to put his arm around my shoulder and say, “Now mom, I know you think you know all the letters, but maybe its time for a little review. Maybe you should come with me to school so that the Miss can teach you, too.”


What do you think?

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