Aren’t We Behind?

If you watched cartoons in the 80’s and 90’s, then chances are you know The Jetsons. The Jetsons were a futuristic family, living in a city that looked like this:

jetsonscityimages The cartoon was clean, family oriented. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, because I’m so sick of the traffic, and the overall population congestion, and the housework.  The Jetsons didn’t have crowded residential areas. They didn’t have traffic, either, because they drove around in hover cars. And they didn’t have a need to cook, because they had this machine that would pop out tablets that turned into full meals. What’s more, they had a robot maid (Rosie) who did all the necessary housework. Now that’s the life!

So I did a bit of research to find out when the Jetsons were based. Maybe 3024? No. What about 2500? Nope. They lived in 2062; that’s only 48 years away! Do we have time to build these high-rising cities? And perfect the manufacturing of hover-cars? Aren’t we behind???

At the very least…THE VERY LEAST…each home should be equipped with it’s very own Rosie!jetson maid That doesn’t seem like such an impossible feat! Come on, people, get moving!

And while my inventor friends are working on of that, I’ll leave you with this (it’s been stuck in my head for days…maybe if I pass it along it will leave me alone!):

eep op ork a- ah! Just remember that, and your day might be just a bit more cheery!

(For my beautiful friends who aren’t familiar with this song, leave a comment with your guess!)


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