The Neglectful Mom

I can hear it in her unspoken words. I can hear it in the ‘innocent’ way she urges my daughter, R, to repeat every word, every sound. She thinks I’m neglecting R’s speech ‘problem.’ She thinks my daughter has a speech problem and she thinks I don’t care enough to do anything about it.

But I can also tell by the way she deals with my kids that she doesn’t have any children of her own. I can just tell. She says things, the WAY she says things. She’s not mean….just inexperienced. A mom can just tell.

Her inexperience may be why she thinks R has a problem. Yes, R mispronounces most of her letters. She can’t say D, S, R, SH and a few Arabic sounds as well. But she’s 4. And I’ve done my research. I know that some children who have no developmental or speech impediments are unable to properly pronounce some sounds until the age of 7. I’ve done my research and know that harping on the issue may cause her to be self-conscious and have a negative effect on her. I know that the best way to help her at this stage, is to make sure I pronounce the words correctly, even if she doesn’t then repeat them.

So, Mrs. Quran Teacher, I do feel your concern. I do appreciate it. But I’m not neglecting her because I’m ‘allowing’ her to just mispronounce her sounds. I’m giving her the time and space she needs to learn those sounds at her own pace without any pressure. I’ve already seen improvements in her, so if you don’t mind (and quite frankly even if you do!), I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing.


What do you think?

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