Is There Any Hope

This world is getting uglier by the day,

Hate crimes killing us everywhere.

Why can’t we all just wake up and see,

That we are brothers and sisters in humanity.

And you’re no more deserving of this place than me.

Were your ancestors born onto this land?


I didn’t think so! So don’t go tellin’ me to leave my home!

Reject the media’s call to war,

Turn to sources that side with peace,


Divided we keep falling to our knees,

Keep shouting out that ‘we can’t breathe!’

We need to stay united, spreading love,

Understanding that with no community,

We will remain incomplete.

Let’s join forces, join hearts together,

Cure this cancer called hate once and forever.

We are shepherds of the earth,

Appointed to watch over it,

Why do we keep destroying it?

Stop killing our children all around the globe,

Their innocence sees not skin, sees only soul,

But evil tongues keep digging an evil hole,

Filling their heads with lies of supremacy,

Erasing their hearts, ending their purity.

Our children’s smiles keep fading everyday,

Tomorrow’s skies hold promises of gray.

Is there any hope in changing this fate?

© Hend Hegazi 2015

(To give a listen to the audio version of this poem, please click here to visit the Pen Powered Mic blog. While you’re there, check out the other great audio poems in honor of World Poetry Day.)


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