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BPF cover My newest novel, Behind Picket Fences (published by FB Publishing), is currently available for pre-order from Amazon. This novel exposes four families from behind their comfortable lifestyles and smiling faces. Sharing the same neighborhood, even spending time together, no family knows the truth about the difficulties the others face.

On the outside, Sidra and Farris have the biggest house and the most expensive cars. What no one sees is their struggle to accept an unfulfilled dream. If they do not adapt to the blows of fate, their malcontent may give birth to deception.

Mariam and Morgan’s modest home exudes the rich scent of family. With children playing in the yard, they seem picture perfect. But financial struggle is their continuous battle, and their only solution may produce an envy which is more destructive than hunger.

Summer and Porter enjoy youth and the freedom of self-employment. But discontentment and mental instability linger between them. If they are not able to bridge the gap, their search for happiness may have a fatal end.

May and Hasan enjoy peace and true happiness. Illness cares not, however, of letting them relish in their blessings. Only patience and time will prove if this unwelcome visitor is simply passing by, or if it will tear their world apart.

An honest portrayal of love and family, Behind Picket Fences opens our eyes to the difficult truths hidden behind each happy facade.


My first novel, Normal Calm (published by FB Publishing), is available through Amazon. It tells the story of Amina, an Arab American woman attending one of the best universities in the US. Duribookcoverng the spring of her junior year, Amina experiences the ultimate betrayal by someone she had considered a brother. Her rape makes her essentially unmarriageable in the eyes of her parents and, possibly, the entire Arab community. When her mother experiences a nervous breakdown, Amina fears that she is responsible for her mother’s condition. Her mother’s behavior suggests that even she blames Amina.

Eventually Amina falls in love with Sherif. When he learns of her rape, will he stand by her, or will he prove himself unworthy of her love and abandon her? Will Amina ever find the noble man she sees in her dreams, or will she decide to settle for a life without love?

Check out some reviews for Normal Calm at Amazon and Goodreads.


Normal Calm

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